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Al Salim Certified Translation was originally established in 1983 when Mr. Khaled Fahad Al-Salim, an expert and senior certified translator and lawyer, recognized a gap between providing high-quality translation services and affordable prices.   So, he founded his first branch and employed well-versed and multidisciplinary team of specialized translators to fill this gap without compromising the quality.   Now, we become the leading translation service providers in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. After ten wonderful years of working for both government agencies and individuals, Al-Salim Certified Translation Office managed to establish new and bespoke branches throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Later on, our branches have continued to go from strength to strength with year-on-year increased turnover and profits, as well as the recruitment of several new translators.   Our decision to upgrade to a modern premises, fitted out to our exact requirements was the logical next move, giving us the change to continue our dynamic plans and aspirations for growth and development in 2010 and the years to come. The new premises occupy a prime location in the heart of Riyadh city center and other branches that will be more accessible for our customers.   This move represents the start of an exciting new chapter in our story. To ensure consistent quality of our services, we operate in full compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards to which we are certified. We adhere to our quality management system to meet our customers’ needs and fulfil all regulatory requirements.

Professional Translation Services

Al Salim Certified Translation is a Saudi-based Company with offices in all over the Country.

We provide a multi-language range of professional translation services alsalimtrans. We work closely with expert linguists in order to provide accurate and high-quality translations. Most of our clients are busy professionals who need accurate translations as part of a bigger picture. 

We offer website translations, technical & manufacturing manuals, document translation services, proofreading, transcription, voice-over services and subtitle translation.

What We Do

Help you connect with your Al Salim audience – Our translation services ensure that content is tailored specifically to your business. Translation requests can be different, so it’s essential to include your business message to help achieve your desired outcome. We do this by getting to know your business intimately. Accelerate achieving your business goals – Help you expand into new markets. If you want to earn trust, your content must sound natural and resonate with your target audience to make you more credible. Reduce Costs – Our prices are competitive. Our tailored solutions are perfect for all budgets and project sizes. Save time – Our efficiency allows us to deliver same day translations. We deliver urgent translations by responding promptly to enquiries and using our Al Salim network to benefit from different time zones.

Our Philosophy

Al Salim Certified Translation breaks language barriers and builds bridges. We use the power of communication to help you create a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your customers.
Our multilingual skills make your product/services more accessible to a wider range of customers. Good business is about relationships stemming from top tier communication, resulting in long-lasting and healthier relationships.

Mission, Vision And Values

Our mission is simple; we help eliminate language and cultural barriers by offering human translation and localisation services. We believe language shouldn’t be a barrier but an opportunity.


Our resources, ethical practices and innovation have enabled us to revolutionise the translation industry, and we’re on our way to becoming a market leader. Technology, people and cultures evolve continuously, and so do we.


Al Salim Translation accepts its responsibilities in helping the local community, social enterprises and non-profit organisations; we believe it’s important to give back.  We are keen to work with non-profit organisations and charitable institutes to achieve this.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a translation agency, we are confident that certified translated documents are the best way of making sure any documents for official purposes are expertly handled without any errors, as well as giving them a legal power that is not always recognized with a standard translation. This is often used in specialist industries such as technical, engineering or medical translation.
At Al-Salim Certified Translation, we pride ourselves on the broad variety of language translations that we offer. We offer this service across a number of different industries, and you can request this service.

Our in-depth knowledge in certified translations has shown us that the official nature of the source document or certificate creates a need for efficient and reliable service.

Absolutely, yes. Helping individuals and families bridge linguistic and cultural gaps is a central premise of our agency and this is clear in the huge number of certified translations we offer at competitive prices and quick turnaround, no matter what language or timescale you are working to.
Marriage/Divorce certificates, for example, must be notarized by a certified translator, and for many countries, there is a specific format that these must adhere to in order to ensure that they are considered legitimate, but our multidisciplinary and subject-matter experts and translators are always able to assist you with the certification requirements for each country.
The effectiveness of our certified translation service is evident from the moment you contact us via phone call, email or by completing the form on our website. Within 30 minutes of receiving your request, our team member will respond with a customized and personalized quote for our certified translation & language services that reflect our emphasis on providing consistently good value for all of our customers.

About Al Salim Certified Translation Office

Al Salim Certified Translation Office was established in 1983, when Khaled Fahad Al-Salem saw the large gap between providing high-quality translation services and reasonable and appropriate prices.



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